Growing Weed Indoors

by MrMerchant

If you want to grow weed indoors there are many things to consider. Type of lights to use, growing medium, safety, air circulation, odor, nutrients, topping methods, and location are just a few of the decisions that you will have to make that will in turn affect your harvest. When growing weed indoors you have the ability to control the environment that each plant will grow in. With power comes great responsibility. Sure you want to grow the best pot possible and get the most weight of each plant, but how do you get there? If you are just starting out there are a few basics that you will need to understand.


The first rule of growing pot indoors is DON’T GET CAUGHT. The second rule of growing pot in doors is DON’T GET CAUGHT. All the joints in Jamaica aren’t worth having the Johnnys on your ass. Discretion is the first and best policy, and simply keeping your mouth shut is the best place to start. Then there are issues of electric bill increases, new odors in the neighborhood, and strange glows that you don’t want to have to explain. If you can not discreetly grow pot then it probably isn’t best idea to do it. I remember the feeling of when my first plants started to bud, I wanted to tell the world. But again, not telling anyone is the best idea. If keeping quiet is hard for you, it will be impossible for someone with less to lose. Don’t drop the dime on yourself, you will regret it.

If you deem that it is possible for you to discreetly grow weed the first step is to get some marijuana seeds. You can get these by saving any that you find in sack or asking friends to keep an eye out for you. Another option is to order them from overseas. There are a multitude of seed banks online that are well run and reputable businesses. The benefit of doing things this way is that you can pick and chose which seeds you want. By buying seeds online you also have the opportunity to get feminized seeds which means no more pesky male plants! I greatly prefer this method because you don’t waste space growing a male to pollinate your female. Speaking from a perspective of yield, male plants are a waste of your time, space, light, and nutrients, so it is a wonderful tip that they can be avoided. This way, you don’t need to sweat over plants that you will just have to throw away after doting over them for 2 months, and all your care can be given to plants that will bud.

The success of the type of seed/plant that you start with will be greatly impacted by the surroundings that it is in. In order to get the type of yields that make growing pot indoors rewarding you will need to have a plan on the front end. Check back in as we will be giving step by step instructions on how to grow weed indoors. We wish you good luck with your grow.

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