Cloning a Medical Marijuana Plant, Part Two – The Cut -

by MrMerchant

Now that you have your clone dome constructed and the soil pre soaked it is time for the cut. Deciding where to take the clipping from is the next important decision. There are many theories and plenty of science to be learned here, however the reality of it is pretty simple. Let’s make sure and prepare for the cut the proper way.

There are a few simple steps needed to prepare for the cutting of the clone. First thing on the list is to have a sharp and clean razor blade ready. Cleaning of the razor blade is as easy as wiping it down with rubbing alcohol. Once you have a clean razor you will need to have a couple things laying out and ready to use. Have a glass of clean distilled water nearby so you can dip the freshly cut clone. Also have the cloning powder / gel ready to have the clone dipped in it. The final step is to make a hole in the soil where you will plant the clone. This little bit of preparation will help out in the long run.

Rule of thumb is to cut clones from the healthiest part of the healthiest plant. The healthier the clipping the healthier the clone. The better genetics of the mother plant, the better the offspring likewise. All that being said, the reality of where you cut from can be very different. The very top of the main cola is not always the most convenient place to take a clone from. Depending on your plans for the mother plant and any number of other circumstances it may be better in the long run to take clones from a less critical spot on the plant. All things being equal the top is the best place to cut a clone from.

Once you have decided where you want to make the cut from the cut itself is pretty straight forward. A good rule of thumb is to count down three nodes and cut right above the 4th. Its ok if you cut right above the 3rd or 5th, don’t sweat it. Make your cut in one swift motion cutting diagonally down, where the bottom of the newly cut stem will come to a fine point. Now that the clone is cut you will need to prep the clone to give it the best chance of survival.

To properly prep a clone for planting you will need to temporarily stunt the vegetive growth by first cutting all growth off the stem below the top 2-3 fan leaves. The next step is to clip the tips off of the remaining fan leaves ( cut enough off where the clone can fit in it’s dome, you will understand ). This will stop the plant from using precious energy on the vegetative growth of those leaves and allow it to focus on growing roots. Directly after cleaning off unnecessary foliage, dip the stem of the newly cut clone into the cup of water. Now dip the bottom of the stem into the cloning powder/ gel, making sure it is well coated. Guess what? Its ready to plant!

As stated before, I believe in already having your soil pre soaked and drained as well as preparing a hole for planting. Planting a clone could not be easier. Simply place the coated stem into the soil making sure not to rub off the rooting agent and pack soil around the base so the clone can stand on it’s own. The final steps of planting are to use the spray bottle to spray water heavily misting both the clone and the inside of a clear plastic cup ( clone dome top ). After misting place the dome top securely making an air tight clone dome. Now you wait, part 3 – Caring for your Clone – out soon.

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